Sunday, March 29, 2009

Main Characteristics of Snow Leopards

Snow Leopards are exceptional athletes and they can bring down prey almost three times their own size. They have a body length between 1 and 1.3 m (3.25 - 4.25 ft), a tail length between 80 and 100 cms (32 - 39 inches) and they weigh between 25 and 75 Kgs (55 - 165 lbs).Their fur is very thick and it is grey in colour with brown/black markings. Their markings consist of spots around their neck and lower limbs and rosettes on other parts of their body. These markings help to camouflage them on the rocky slopes so they can sneak up on their prey.They have large paws which act like snow shoes, short forelimbs and long hind limbs. Their tail is exceptionally long and they sometimes wrap it around themselves while resting to help keep warm.Male Snow Leopards are larger than females but apart from that they are visually difficult to tell apart.

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